Sunday, 3 February 2013

This week

 This last week has been the week that Luke cooks at school.  I love those weeks, as he always makes wonderful food.  They are given a recipe, and they have to adapt it.  So this week was upside down cake.  Luke adapted his to make  chocolate and orange upside down cake, and it was amazing!! 

He has also had some success with a painting competition. Last weekend Stuart and Luke went down to Gloucester to a minicon (conference for wargaming), and Luke won the junior painting competition with his dwarf.

I have been busily creating more bunting!  Finishing off my order for 30 metres for a nursery, and making a quick string of bunting for general sale, just plain, using some complimetary fabrics.  A bit pink for my liking, but then it is not for me!! 
I have also been treading a very fine line with my health.  For a long time I have pain in my feet when I wake up, which I just put down to one of those things.  When the pain started encroaching into the day I went to the doctors, who said I had plantar fasciitis (an  inflammation of the tendon that runs under the sole of the foot) , and one of the main remedies for it is rest!!! Yeah, right!!  But I have found that if I rest as much as I can during the day it actually makes the pain  worse, as the tendon hasn't been stretched, but if I do too much the inflammation is too painful.  However, I did find going to a beer festival helped significantly as I relaxed enough to walk correctly!! But consuming alcohol on a daily basis probably isn't the best way forward!!  I am hoping if I am sensible that it will not last the year, like it reportedly can do!! 

Related to my own health, I have given notice on my allotment.  Sad, and a hard decision to make when I remember the lovely times I have had down there, and the successful crops.  But also having to realistic about what I can achieve, and how having the allotment has been at the expense of our own garden, which has the potential to be enjoyed by the whole family rather than just me enjoying the allotment.  I am looking forward to getting our garden back into a lovely state.  Before I had the allotment, I can remember a neighbour saying to me that she could imagine fairies living at the bottom of our garden, well, 5 years and 3 chickens later, you can definitely not say that about it now.  So I will get my outdoor fix right here, and I hope to sneak a few crops into the flower beds (obviously not on the same scale as the allotment!)  Looking forward now to spring, and seed sowing for our garden.

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  1. Love the idea of getting bladdered as a cure! Hope you find a more family and body friendly way. Shame about the allotment - we had to give ours up when we realised we were travelling six miles each way, the cost to the environment too high, and the cost of petrol too. More viable to get the organic box :(