Monday, 11 February 2013

The hub of the house

 Our beloved dining table.  It must be the most used piece of furniture we have in the house.  We bought it when we got our first house in 1995.  It has been scratched by the cats, and the varnish has all but worn off it.  It is scratched by knives, forks, scissors.  Has dents all over it, and patches of paint.  Oh and recently a patch of glitter too that is now glued to the table!!    It is my workspace for my sewing, which has to make way for homework and crafting for the children. 
 It is a place for technical stuff, way beyond my comprehension.
 As well as a place for much model construction and painting

It is a place for family too come together, to eat, and catch up with each other every evning, as well as to celebrate those special occasions.
 We have been thinking of re-doing the dining room, with dreams of a big round table.  To have a devoted dining room, so we don't have to clear away the days activities each time we want to eat.  This is not as simple as it sounds, as we also have to find ways to continue all our other activities in other areas of the house. 

For all that our dining table offers us, each and every day, I thought is was worthy of a blog post!!


  1. Our table is like that too, covered in memory marks. I think if you had other places to work it wouldn't be the same and I find the joy of having to clear the table to eat is that things get sorted and put away :) x

  2. Our table is the same. Tablecloths are sooo useful here. Or curtains, or pretty much any long length of washable fabric lol. If you do create a dedicated dining area how long do you think it will stay that way ;)