Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Well, Christmas started prior to our trip to Finland, with us decorating our tree.  Sophie was the main helper, who kep trying to look at me taking a picture of her as well as looking at what she was putting on the tree, hence the funny stance.  She then wanted to take a photo of me too, which I'm rather pleased with.
On our return from Lapland, we had Sophie's nativity play, where she was a sheep.  She has been singing the songs for the  last couple of months, and seemed to enjoy doing the performance, even if her interest did seem to wane after a while!!

 We had done very little in our own traditions for Christmas, mainly due to my busy-ness with orders, but also with concentrating on going away mid December.  Alec mentioned how he missed the advent candle and stories, so we'll definitely do those next year, but once school broke up we were able to do a few activities.  I had spotted these Star Wars snowflakes last year, and thought it would be a good idea to do.  It was still rather fiddly for the children, although Ethan stuck with his Rebel fighter snowflake (the first on the right) and just needed a bit of help with a craft knife towards the end.  I ended up doing the other two, but have printed out more, either for later or next year!
 Ethan was getting festive with a santa hat!!
 We made a gingerbread house (eventually), and Luke had a good idea about melting boiled sweets to glaze the windows.  We managed a couple of windows like this.
 Since then the boys have been discussing how to dismantle the gingerbread house.  It has ranged from putting party poppers inside and blowing it up, to building a lego mindstorms battering ram, to playing catch with it!!
 Christmas eve saw us go to see the hobbit.  What an amazing film, and Sophie was rather taken with it too, and has been watching other LOTR films and trailers on the computer!
 Christmas Day itself saw Mum join us (having stayed overnight on Christmas Eve).  It was a very stress free day, and everyone seemed to have a lovely day.
 There was time to play with Christmas presents (an electirc guitar you can plug into the iPad, for Alec)
 Some wargamer modelling for both Stuart and Luke,
There was the statutory lego building, chocolate eating, for the children and I even managed to do some knitting for myself. 

A lovely Christmas, and looking forward to what the new year brings.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Love the pic of Sophie as a sheep :-) we took meg to see the hobbit the weekend befor Christmas and loved it :-)

  2. What a lovely Christmas post! I love your gingerbread house. I have yet to attempt one, I think about it every year, and then the time disappears. We went to see the Hobbit too, what a fantastic film, we were quite lost to it, and the time just melted away. I cannot wait until the next installment! We have some Lego Hobbit put away for Joe's Bday later this month, it looks great!
    I am also very envious of your beautiful trip to Lapland, it looks truly magical, what great memories the children will have.
    Happy New Year xx

  3. Hi
    I've just found you at your new site!
    Happy New Year x